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March 29, 2020
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Current news directly from IBEW Locals in the US and Canada.
SFMTA COVID-19 faq rev. 3-27-20
03/28/20 - IBEW Local 6
Update to Members 3-28-2020
03/28/20 - IBEW Local 6
03/27/20 - IBEW Local 125
March 27th
03/27/20 - IBEW 280
Tacoma Power Field Crews Social Distancing Update
03/27/20 - IBEW Local 483
Local 483 met with Tacoma Power's Executive staff. Immediately changes are going to be implemented to increase social distancing at the crew level. Management is reviewing a rotational crew schedule. We will have more information next week.
Video Message From Alice Phillips
03/27/20 - IBEW Local 483
Please Watch Important Message from Business Manager Alice Phillips Linked Here
03/27/20 - IBEW Local 125
All Covid-19 updates will be found here.
E-Mail Sign-up sheet
03/27/20 - IBEW Local 2034
<!-- Begin Mailchimp Signup Form --> <link href="//
Open Calls!
03/27/20 - IBEW Local 191
To see if there are calls left after dispatch look at the Dispatcher's Report. If you are interested in taking one of the open calls, call the Union office. 425-259-3195.
FMCP Coverage
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 551
Family Medical Care Plan Coverage
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 551
Emergency Dental Services
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 483
SUNRISE DENTAL IS OPEN FOR DENTAL EMERGENCIES Sunrise Dental is prepared to see patients for dental emergencies to help reduce ER & Hospital Visits Seattle, Washington – March 25, 2020 - Sunrise Dental is a network of independently owned dental offices throughout Washington and Oregon.
Dispatch Forms
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 191
All dispatch forms (Sign, Resign, etc.
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 551
How to Apply for Unemployment
03/26/20 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 194
Essential Workforce Information
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 191
Due to the confusion in what is and what is not an ”Essential Workforce” in construction, if you have questions whether your jobsite is “ Essential” or not, call L & I at 1-800-423-7233. They will have the final SAY.
03/26/20 - IBEW Local 191
Call To Action!!! To all Building Trades Affiliates, Please contact our federal delegation to request designation of COVID-19 for Disaster Unemployment Assistance.  This is the necessary step to allow for waiving the 680 hour requirement to receive benefits. Senator Maria Cantwell https://www.cantwell.senate.
Temporary Dispatch Procedures
03/25/20 - IBEW Local 100
Effective immediately IBEW Local 100 will be implementing the following Temporary Dispatch Procedures. Dispatches will still be held at there regular start times. Solar Installers at 7:20am Inside Wireman/CE/CW at 8:20am In order for us to continue to efficiantly operate dispatch, we will be asking everyone during dispatch for their book number and the date you registered on the book.
03/25/20 - IBEW Local 6
Please read the updated roll call changes effective 3-25-2020 at IMPORTANT LINKS - NEW: Online Dispatch Office Top right hand side of the HOME page:--------------->
03/25/20 - IBEW Local 100
03/25/20 - IBEW Local 332
Pay Dues Online !
03/25/20 - IBEW 280
During these trying times we are trying to alleviate the amount of mail that comes into the Union Hall after being handled by US Postal Service Workers.  Credit Card Fees were waived last month for anyone using the website to pay dues.  If you have any questions please call the Hall.
Furlouged or Lost Time?
03/25/20 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 194
For our members that have been Furlouged or lost time do to Covid-19. You can claim your Unemployment Insurance by going...
AT&T – IBEW Reach COVID-19 Bonus Agreement
03/25/20 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 21
March 25, 2020 - 11:00 am Thanks to talks that were initiated by our Local’s leadership, the IBEW SCT-3 Council and AT&T agreed to an across the board 20% lump sum cash bonus payment for all hours actually worked (Cash Award Program/CAP). The 20% bonus reward recognizes all employees who are working during these challenging times. The Cash Award is designed to show appreciation to employees who are working through this pandemic. The CAP is a joint effort between management and your Union to address the exigent circumstances presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We appreciate that AT&T acted to reward their employees, our IBEW members who are doing all they can to help the customers we serve and to whom we rely on.
Harrison Trust/Drug Free Workplace Cards
03/24/20 - IBEW 280
For question regarding how many hours you have in your reserve account and/or Drug Free Workplace Cards/Checks please call Harrison Trust at 503-224-0048.
03/24/20 - IBEW Local 659
If any of IBEW Local 659 members have purchased a policy from AIL (American Income Life) and they are experiencing a job lay off, AIL will pay their monthly premium and they do not have to pay it back. Please find the attached for the lay-off waiver of premium.  One of the requirements for the lay-off waiver is the members needs to be out of work for a minimum of 30 days.
Dispatch Office Changes 3-23-2020
03/23/20 - IBEW Local 6
Book Signing Procedure During COVID-19 and Nevada State Shut Down
03/23/20 - IBEW 396
As the situation with COVID–19 is extremely dynamic we will continue to make proactive decisions that are grounded in the care and safety for our members and staff. OUR OFFICE WILL REMAIN CLOSED AND WE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT BOOK SIGNING IN PERSON. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR INFORMATION TO:  OFFICE@IBEW396.ORG OR CALL: 702.457.
NVE Healthy Living Patient Care Information
03/23/20 - IBEW 396
Brothers and Sisters, Please see the message below regarding patient care for those of you who participate in the Healthy Living Program @ NVE. We will continue you to provide information as it becomes available.
03/23/20 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 194
Update to Members 3-23-2020
03/23/20 - IBEW Local 6
Book 1
03/23/20 - IBEW Local 648
For local 648 members. Due to the circumstances, you will not need to come into the hall to sign book 1 if you get laid off. You can call in and sign book 1 over the phone.
Update to the Members 3-20-2020
03/20/20 - IBEW Local 6
Import Message from Business Manager Alice Phillips
03/20/20 - IBEW Local 483
Dear Brothers and Sisters: I hope you are doing all that can be done to stay safe and safeguard yourself and your family as much as possible. These are the times when we must pull together as a 483 family and move through this disaster together.
COVID-19 Update
03/20/20 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 1205
AFL-CIO Paycheck Booklet 3-19-2020
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 6
Union Plus Benefits 3-17-2020
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 6
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 659
Effective February 11, 2020 Harrison Electrical Works Self-Funded Trust Plan will waive deductibles and co-pays for COVID-19.  SEE ATTACHED FOR ALL BENEFIT UPDATES ON TESTING, PRESCRIPTION, DISABILITY, AND FLEX PLAN BENEFITS. Questions? Please see complete information about Plan benefits, your contributions, eligibility, dependents, and claims on the website at www.harrisonbenefits.
Body Meeting/ Fish Fry Canceled
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 648
At last night's Executive Board meeting, we agreed that it was in everyone's best interest to cancel the Body Meeting for Apri 1st and the Fish Fry on April 3rd.
JOINT NDERA Question & Answers 3-19-2020
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 6
Harrison Benefit Updates
03/19/20 - IBEW 280
There have been some modifications to Prescriptions, Time Loss and Flex Plans due to the COVID-19.
Public Sector Update 19 March 2020
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 6
Message from International President Lonnie Stephenson/ JOINT NDERA Q&A UPDATED 3.19.2020
03/19/20 - IBEW Local 332
Message from the International President Lonnie Stephenson/ JOINT NDERA Q&A
IBEW Local 483's Office Closed to the Public
03/18/20 - IBEW Local 483
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications in Washington State and across the country, IBEW Local 483’s Office is closed to the public. If you need any assistance, need to speak with a Union Representative or pay your Union Dues, please call the Union Hall at (253) 565-3232 to make arrangements.
City of Tacoma Members Please Support this Advisory Ballot!
03/18/20 - IBEW Local 483
City of Tacoma members, please vote in support of this advisory ballot.
April Regular Meetings & Valley Picnic
03/18/20 - I.B.E.W. Local Union 266
NOTICE March 18, 2020 Dear Members, At our Executive Board meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 it was discussed and agreed that it would be in the best interest of our membership to cancel, both, the Regular Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2020 and the Shifter’s Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 8, 2020.
Initial Out Of Work Book Signing Change
03/18/20 - IBEW Local 768
Dear Sisters and Brothers After careful consideration, due to the ongoing and fast breaking developments around the outbreak of the corona virus COVID-19, beginning March 18, 2020 and until further notice IBEW local 768 is changing the Initial Out Of Work Book Signing process portion of our referral procedure.
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