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July 16, 2019
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Unit 6 Meeting Springfield
Jul 16, 2019
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Jul 17, 2019
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Jul 18, 2019
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Aug 08, 2019
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Aug 13, 2019
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Steward Resources


This page is provided as a ready reference tool for the hundreds of shop stewards who represent IBEW Local Union 21 members in the various shops that make up our local union. Below, you will find helpful links for information and documents that will help you perform your duties as an IBEW Local Union 21 Shop Steward.

Tips for Stewards
Six important reminders to keep stewards focused on the responsibilities of an IBEW Local 21 union steward. Focusing efforts in these areas will make better stewards, and help to build a better and stronger local union.

Weingarten Rights
One of the most vital functions of a union stewards is to prevent management from intimidating employees. Nowhere is this more important than in closed-door meetings when supervisors or security personnel, often trained in interrogation techniques, attempt to coerce employees into confessing to wrongdoing. It is extremely important that each and every member carry a “Weingarten Rights” card at all times, in their wallet or purse.

Grievance/Arbitration and other Related Forms
Included on this page are the Grievance Fact Sheet, Grievance/Arbitration Forms for AT&T, Altura, Avaya, City of Chicago 911 OEMC, Comcast, Johnson Controls, Non-Employer Specific Grievance Form, and Grievance Information Request letters, as well as Retiree Gift Package Requests.

All are in an Acrobat Adobe format and can be printed and used, if you run out of forms. Don’t forget, you can call the union hall at any time and ask for additional forms to be mailed to your home.

New Member Checklist
When a new worker shows up in your shop, it is important to introduce yourself as soon as possible to the new worker. Be positive, confident, and inquisitive. Talk about our union, who we are, what we believe in, the “union advantage,” and share a good union story or experience.

Note: to replace any forms or other supplies originally provided to you during training, ask your Area Steward, Chief Steward, or Business Representative to help you out in this area. Another option is to call the union hall at (630) 960-4466, then dial 0 for any of the clerical staff, tell them who you are, what you need, and they can mail the needed supplies to your home.

In one sense, all union members are union stewards for we should all work to protect our contracts with the employers, assist one another, and ensure justice on the job. However, the official IBEW Local 21 Union Steward in each shop or office is often the face of the union to other members and to the companies where our members work. Stewards are leaders, educators, negotiators, psychologists, hard workers, looked down on by some bosses, and looked up to by many. Without them, the bargaining unit would weaken.

Shop stewards are the key to making the union strong. The steward provides the link between the union and the members and when the steward does her or his job, the union works for the members. It is the shop stewards job to represent the members in the shop. Stewards are the leaders of action on the shop floor, and they are also the conduit of information to and from the union. Stewards are the eyes and ears of the union in the shop.

Being a union steward is a tough job. We recognize this fact and are always here to support you. There is no more important job in the entire union. Be Proud to be Union.

Online Stewards Manual
This link will redirect you to a great resource on the website of IBEW Local 1613 in Kansas City, MO. The information available is a terrific resource for both new and veteran union stewards.


Grievance Fact Sheet - For Use with All Grievances- All Employers

Request for Information - For Use with All Grievances- All Employers

Altura Grievance Form

AT&T Grievance Form

AT&T Grievance Escalation Form

Avaya Grievance Form

City of Chicago 911 OEMC

Comcast Grievance Form

Johnson Controls

IBEW Local 21 Non-Specific Grievance Form- If your employer is not listed above please use this grievance form.

Retiree Gift Package Request- All Members- All Employers

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