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December 01, 2022
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Voting Has Begun Make Your Voice Heard!
Updated On: Oct 21, 2022

Voting Has Begun Make Your Voice Heard!

IBEW 21 members have strength in numbers. We must use our strength to win good pay, retirement security, safe work environments, broad access to quality education for our children and much more. By mobilizing through our get-out-the-vote effort, IBEW 21 members can elect candidates who support and will enact a working families’ agenda so we all can move forward together.

Union families must register to vote, volunteer to help friends of Labor and then get out to vote on Election Day.  We do make a difference.  After all of the campaign rhetoric, we must elect the candidates who best serve the interests of working people.  We must not let wedge issues divide us. 

Illinois Worker’s Rights Amendment

IBEW members across Illinois have the opportunity to change our Constitution by voting in favor of the Illinois Worker’s Rights Amendment.  The Workers’ Rights Amendment will be the first question on the November ballot. A “yes” vote means you are voting to enshrine workers’ rights into our Illinois Constitution so we can become the state with the most robust protections for workers in the country.

November 2022 Election Endorsements

Our elections are about  more than just voting for our next President or Governors. There are many state-wide, county, local and judicial races that affect us as Union members.These candidates believe in a strong middle-class and they previously voted to help you with important issues that affect you at work and as union members. 

Please refer to the list when voting.  By clicking on each document, you can view the endorsements.  You can print them and take them to the polls with you on Election Day.

Illinois Endorsements
Includes Judges

Chicago Fed
Chicago/Cook County


IBEW Local 21 supports those candidates who stand with working families. At the ballot box we will punish the enemies of working families.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 21
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