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March 30, 2023
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IBEW 21 - LC 911 Tentative Agreement Article by Article Highlights
Updated On: Jun 19, 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 – On June 11, 2019, IBEW 21 and Lake County, Indiana 911 Center representatives reached a tentative agreement on a new contract covering dispatchers working at the Lake County Indiana Emergency Call Center.

This update contains highlights of the article by article changes.  When available more information will be posted on and at contract overview meetings.  If you have any questions please contact IBEW Local 21 Business Representative Byron Bonham at 708-446-9277.

Article 1 Recognition: No Changes

Article 2 Safety:

  • Section 2.02: Clean up from memo in back of contract no intent change.

Article 3 Seniority: No Changes
Article 4 No Strike & No Lockout: No Changes
Article 5 Union Rights: No Changes

Article 6 Classification & Part-time Employees:

6.04: Language Clean up and Part-timers may be scheduled to reduce mandatory overtime.

Article 7 Vacation, HOLIDAYS & Paid Time Off:

  • Title: Holiday was added to the title.
  • 7.01 & 7.04: Language clean up due to new 7:13.
  • 7.10: List of Holidays added to include Easter Sunday, 2 times pay added for being mandated to work on the holiday. 
  • 7.13: Conversion to Flexible Schedule and conversion to hours from full day increments.  Now includes suspension time in conversion.

Article 8 Scheduling, Overtime, and Compensatory Time:

  • 8.02 Shift times eliminated, remedies for missed breaks and lunches will be discussed.
  • 8.03 Items for time work that count toward over time are now listed.
  • 8.04 Only mandated to work overtime in continuation with hours currently scheduled.
  • 8.05 & 8.06 Language Clean up.
  • 8.07 Schedules will be posted and overtime lists shall be available on a monthly basis.
  • Voluntary Overtime language clean up.
  • Forced Overtime now called mandated and mandated overtime may be substituted for compensatory time at 1.5 times pay.  Clean up no intent change.
  • Unscheduled Overtime language eliminated.  Clean up no intent change.

Article 9: Bonuses and Adders:

  • 9.01 In the original language, “$12 per day or $1.00 per hour, whichever is less.$12 per day and whichever is less, Will be eliminated and “$1.00 per hour” will remain.  Clean up no intent change.
  • 9.04 may changed to shall, add ¼ hour of compensatory time for each two hours of assignment as a trainer.

Article 10 Training and Layoff: No Changes

Article 11 Salaried & Benefits

  • 11.03,11.04,11.05 Language Cleanup for new agreement and chart
  • 11.06 New Language added so new hires can be placed at higher levels and also protects senior qualified employees.
  • New Wage chart and points added to better define qualifications.

Article 12 Grievance Procedure:

  • 12.02 timeframe changed from 18 months to 12 months
  • 12.12 Reflects Indiana Law.  Clean up from Memo at back of contract
  • 12.14 Time limits may be extended.  Clean up from Memo at back of contract

Article 13 Attendance: New article employees to curtail attendance abuse.

Article 14 Agreement and Collective Bargaining: Date changes and language clean up.

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