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July 02, 2022
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Oct 17, 2013 - AT&T I&M Preference Reopened with Q&A
Updated On: May 07, 2015

AT&T I&M Preference Reopened and Q&A

Thursday October 17, 2013

In the ongoing negotiations with AT&T over the company’s restructuring of I&M, the leadership of IBEW Local 21 has been able to secure items to benefit our members.

Management has agreed to reopen the I&M preference on the morning of October 18th and close it on October 22nd at 5pm for those I&M employees who would like to change their previous selections. All employees preferences will be filled by straight seniority and they will stay in their current work locations (unless they remote report).

Since AT&T announced the company reorganization your Union leadership has questioned many of its decisions and has been requesting information as the process has been moving forward. Your union leadership has obtained the current information. 

AT&T informed us that 3 (three) new MBUs will be created, (NIBS) Infrastructure Maintenance, (NIBS) Business Services, and (SD&A) Service Delivery and Assurance. Management has also agreed there will be 1 (one) MBU for the 3 (three) new organizations for a period of 1 (one) year starting on January 1, 2014, for the purposes of Article 30. 

IBEW 21 leaders and AT&T management are still in ongoing negotiations over Schedules and Overtime. They are also discussing how the technical specialists will be placed into the three MBUs.

NIBS - Infrastructure Maintenance work functions will include the following:

Air Pressure
PMFF (First Mile)
Cable Failures
Company Initiated Tickets
Helper Tickets (Video, Broadband, and Voice) from SD&A

NIBS - Business Services work functions will include the following:

Special Services
Official Services (OCS)
Large Business Customers
Data-Com work (separate schedules and no work function changes) 

SD&A - Service Delivery and Assurance work functions will include the following:

Installation and Repair of Customer Services
U-verse Department (Separate schedules and no work functions changes)
Dispatch Center


       Q- Will Employees with the Customer System Technicians title change when they preference for (SD&A) Service Delivery and Assurance.

A-   NO, Job titles and contract language remain the same.

Q- If I select SD&A can the company force migrate my title from Customer System Technician to Premise Technician as result of my preference?

A-   NO

Q- How will the new organization look?

A- As stated above the company is creating 3 MBU’s with the job duties listed above.

Q- Will Customer System Technicians in SD&A work full U-verse installs and repairs?

A-Customer System Technician can perform all the work defined in the Memorandum of Agreement in Appendix S8 pgs. 356 – 357 of the 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement. View the contract now by clicking here.

Q-Will Premises Technicians do Customer Systems Technician’s work?

A-No their work is defined in the Memorandum of Agreement in Appendix S8 pgs. 356 – 357 of the 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement. View it now by clicking here.

Q-How will overtime be distributed?

A-The labor brief on overtime distribution will not change.

Q- Will Air Pressure be in separate group?

A-Schedules are still being discussed, but it will fall into the Network Infrastructure MBU listed above.

Q-How will vacation schedules be treated?

A-Vacation compositions will be based on the new MBU’s and are still being discussed for 2014.

Q-Why are some garages only selecting between NIBS (Business Service) and SD&A?

A-The company has determined the workforce in those locations.

Q-Will first mile techs in standalone garages be included in the second preference?

A-NO, their work functions are not changing at this time however their title will change to Customer System Technician.

Q- Are there any contractual changes in language with this restructure and preference?


Q- What will happen with the FTTP work?

A-There is NO contractual change to this work.

Q-Which organization will work helper tickets?

A-Management has informed the Union that these tickets will be done by (NIBS) Infrastructure Maintenance.

Q-Will employees be loaned or detailed to other organizations?

A-As workload dictates and within the scope of their job description.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 21
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